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To know is science, to think you know is ignorance

About Site

You’re Entitled to Be Wrong is a website that reflects whatever pops into my mind. Politics. Sports. Relationships. Health. Beauty. Parenting. Style. Technology. Entertainment. News. Culture. Work. I have a lot of interests that range from the superficial to the wonky to the cerebral to the inane.

There may be some of you who are only interested in set topics, which is sad, but I will do my best to understand. For those of you interested in a cornucopia of thoughts, musings and essays on a variety of issues then feel free to check out my various categories.

Though the site is at the actual website title is ‘You’re Entitled to Be Wrong’ which comes from one of my personal quotes. It means that you have a right to be wrong about your entitled opinion. I know this thought is sometimes incongruous when you are dealing with one or more people who have thoughts/opinions that are downright idiotic and/or lacks substantive proof. However, these individuals are entitled to their opinions whether you agree with them or not. Keep in mind that though I’m saying that they are entitled to it doesn’t necessarily mean that I support their opinion, just their right to have such an opinion.

Of course this stance is sometimes hard to keep when someone tells you such things as that immigrants are destroying America, that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen, that all white people are evil, that more black men are in jail than college, gays will cause the biblical Apocalypse, that baseball is America’s favorite sport or that Beyonce is the greatest female singer of all time.

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