Funding Conundrum: D.C.’s HIV/AIDS Programs

Note: Article was originally posted April 30, 2011 on American University’s PreventionWorks!  a syringe exchange program in Washington, D.C., provided clean needles to intravenous drug users as a prophylactic measure against HIV infection for more than 12 years. On Feb. 25, it closed its doors. It had run out of money, a casualty of… Read More Funding Conundrum: D.C.’s HIV/AIDS Programs

Grant Memorial: The ‘Ugly Betty’ of U.S. Presidential Monuments

Updated November 17, 2017 Vietnam Memorial. Arlington Cemetery. Lincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument. Jefferson Memorial.  When standing in front these memorials, visitors experience a range of emotions. Awe. Hurt. Sadness. Respect. The United States National Parks Services (NPS) the government bureau responsible for the maintenance of these memorials, wants visitors to notice and feel the… Read More Grant Memorial: The ‘Ugly Betty’ of U.S. Presidential Monuments