The past two issues of GQ Magazine have feature the actors Shia LaBeouf and Jake Gyllenhaal on their covers. They are not bad-looking guys. I would go so far and say that they are cute, possibly adorable. But when I hear people refer to them as ‘hot’ I have to draw the line since is simply not true. I know that many will disagree with me but I must stand my ground. You’ll say that I have something against nerds or you’ll remind me that still waters run deep. It’s not that I have anything against men who lean towards the nerdy side, but if you want that vibe with an edge you should take a look at Edward Norton. He is hot and I wouldn’t mind rolling around the hay with him for a weekend.

Shia and Jake just give off a ‘good friend’ vibe that I just can’t shake. Also their waters are pretty shallow, not in the emotional sense but in the levels of fascination that neither of them exude. I like men who don’t look like that I can knock them out. I’m not saying that I’m only attracted to über heterosexual men such as Schwarzenegger or some other muscleheads. When I think of strong, fascinating men Daniel Craig, Terence Stamp, Morris Chestnut, Hugh Jackman, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Hill Harper come to mind. It’s time that GQ get back to basics and start putting some seasoned men back on their covers instead of these puppy dog types who look like they need a box of tissue.