Ever find yourself out of batteries for Toy X or Toy Y?  Instead of loading up on tons of AA, AAA, C or D batteries some of which you might not ever need. Here’s how to make more specific battery purchases for child’s toys. How do you do that?  All you need is a bunch of file folder labels and a pen or marker. Just place a label on your child’s toy (outside the battery compartment area) designating the number and type of batteries needed. For example on my labels I write “3/AAA” which means that toy X needs three, triple AAA batteries. Very simple. Very easy. It’s a lot better than having to create a handwritten or typed list of what toys need what batteries – a list that you will never update and will probably lose in the foreseeable future. So now whenever your child comes to you whining about how their toy is no longer working all you have to do is check the label and put in the new batteries. Of course you still have to make sure that you have batteries in stock in order to make full use of this tip, but I don’t have a tip for that.